I am Christopher Zalek: a designer, Tai Chi instructor and blogger living in the heart of Chicago. I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed the benefits of talented and compassionate teachers for the greater part of my life. My martial arts experience began in my teenage years with the American & Korean Tae Kwon Do Schools under the tutelage of Richard Curp, Jr. and Mel Roza. This education was extended when I met Elizabeth Wenscott of the Wu Kung Tai Chi Association. I am currently the head assistant instructor at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago.

I’m passionate about creating experiences that help others become more comfortable, fluid and expressive in their lives. My goal is this: to make sure that people can find empowerment from within, and learn how to roll with the forces without.

When it comes to learning Tai Chi, I’m an advocate for human interaction as the primary form of instruction; regular study with a teacher and a supportive community is a great way to develop and grow. However, I also believe that practitioners should explore other avenues to illuminate the landscape. While this means that students should always be on the lookout for those methods and metaphors that speak to them, it also means that teachers should investigate creative ways to share their knowledge and experiences. Tai Chi has the potential to make a lasting and profound impact in the way that people live their lives, and that is why I will keep working to make the benefits of this art more accessible to those who are looking to deepen their practice.

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