If you live in the Chicago area and are looking to expand or explore your experience of Tai Chi Chuan, consider signing up for a class, or just stop by one of our events.

Tai Chi Foundations
This course introduces beginners to Tai Chi Chuan by teaching the classic Yang-style postures step-by-step, from the ground up. Skilled practitioners are also in attendance, and find the alignment-based approach a helpful way to deepen their foundation. This wide range of experience results in a synergistic and supportive atmosphere for everyone.


  • July – August 2018: July 2nd – August 27th.
  • September – October 2018: September 10th – October 29th.
  • November – December 2018: November 5th – December 17th.

Class Time & Location:

Cost: $75 (cash or check only)

Tai Chi Program (Ongoing)
The ongoing program places emphasis on the study of Tai Chi Chuan and other forms. Class time is invested in group practice and refinement of the postures through guided instruction and exercises. Students in the Tai Chi Program are encouraged to attend the Tai Chi Foundations class (at no additional charge) to complement their practice.

Class Times & Locations:

Cost: $80/month (cash or check only)

Private Instruction
Private instruction and presentations are available on an individual or group basis. Email or use the form on the Contact page for more information.